ISDG's electronic newsletter is edited by professor Raimo P. Hämäläinen, and by professor Harri Ehtamo, the society secretary, from Systems Analysis Laboratory of Helsinki University of Technology. The first ISDG e-letter appeared in January 7, 1991. Unfortunately the first issues, numbers 1-10, are not available in electronic form but are available in a paper form, and can be obtained by mail from the editors by request.

You can get the newsletter by subscribing to the ISDG mailing list.

Currently the newsletter is edited four times per year or more rarely. The newsletter publishes only the most important news dealing with the operation of the ISDG society. Note that you can announce the forthcoming conferences (by including the corresponding conference web site) in the ISDG web pages in News and events or in ISDG meetings. Mail your contributions to

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